A new tattoo is not just a piece of art, it’s also a fresh wound. 


Which means you need to treat it as such. Proper aftercare is so important, it will help prevent an infection and keep your new tattoo looking great. 


The first thing you're going to want to do is take off the wrap that's covering the tattoo. Make sure you leave it on for at least an hour once tattooing has finished. It’s important to leave this on for the recommended amount of time as the wrap prevents blood and plasma hardening and creating an unwanted hard scab. It also protects the tattoo from bacteria and rubbing against clothing.


After taking the wrap off you will want to wash your tattoo with warm water and hypoallergenic soap then pat dry with paper towel. Make sure you only use paper towel as other types of towel may stick to your tattoo, which can cause irritation.


After about 24 hours you will want to start applying aftercare cream. I recommend Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion. This cream is non-greasy, water based, alcohol and fragrance free. Apply twice a day for two to three weeks or until the tattoo has healed.  Only a very small amount of cream is needed. Make sure to rub the cream all the way into the skin, you don't want any cream left on top as bacteria, dust and dirt can get stuck to it.


While your tattoo is healing you will want to make sure you don't pick or scratch at it, also, be careful not to submerge it under water, which means no swimming or baths.


Keep in mind that tattoo healing times do vary from person to person, the average healing time is two to three weeks.